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Below you will find links with short descriptions to existing applications which belong to Precision Interactive. These examples include applications created utilizing multiple languages and frameworks.

YouTorque Automotive Community

YouTorque automotive community allows users to create specific instances of automobiles and parts. Users can upload vehicle images, track purchased parts by uploading sales receipts to a specific part, print custom qr codes which link back to their vehicle's YouTorque profile, sell parts, trade vehicles between each other with the history of the vehicle remaining upon transfer, and much more. It was created using twitter bootstrap, codeigniter php framework, MariaDB, jquery, and various other 3rd party JavaScript libraries.

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YouTorque Interactive Engines

YouTorque Interactive Engines allows for users to dismantle various automotive engines live in 3D. Each part was created using Blender and exported in .obj format. The application which the user downloads into their browser utilizes WebGL and three.js

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StashCube Data Store. Forums. Private Messaging.

StashCube gives user the ability to upload links, notes, and images for use between multiple machines. Every link, note, or image is searchable for easy location at a later date. StashCube also contains: a forums section where users can create topics and submit posts, a private messaging system, and a 3D assets index where users can upload .obj files and view them within their browser. StashCube was developed within the laravel php framework, and uses MariaDB for it's database engine. The private messaging systems utilizes node.js,, and redis. The 3D assets take advantage of WebGL and three.js.

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Open Browser FPS Authoritative Game Server Example

Open Browser FPS is an example of how an authoritative game server functions. When a user views the live demo they create a connection with a game server. The game server then sends that new user's information to all other connected peers. Every action carried out on the client machine is sent to the server and subsequently sent to all connected peers. When a peer receives a new packet from the server it updates the world accordingly. This application utilizes WebGL, node.js,, and three.js

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Car Spec Search Searchable Vehicle Specifications

Car Spec Search is a searchable database of vehicle specifications freely available to be used by the public. Search vehicles via their year, make, model, trim, and even engine specifications! This application was developed using the codeigniter php framework, MariaDB, and jQuery.

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